Steve Garner


Steve has loved music all of his life. His mother was a piano instructor and started Steve on the Keys at an early age as well as encouraging him to sing. Steve started learning to play the guitar in the 3rd grade and enjoyed it until the 6th grade when he enrolled in the band program in Hot Springs, AR.

Steve’s mother and father supported him in his talents endives as Steve continued in the music program through school learning to play several instruments and playing and singing in Church and several local groups. By the time Steve had graduated he had achieved the title of the #1 Trumpet player in the State 3 separate years.

Nearing the end of his High School years Steve had been told he was being looked at for Art, Academic and Music Scholarships. But at the end of Steve’s junior year of high school he had a very serious boating accident cutting all blood circulation off below his shoulder on his right arm for more than an hour and was told up on arrival at the Hospital that he would have to have his arm amputated near the shoulder because there was NO blood circulating below his bi-sept and looked like his music career was over.

Having a Mother and Father as well as a Devoted Pastor of GREAT FAITH his arm was miraculously saved after only 10 minutes of Prayer when the blood started circulating again. The Doctors were astonished and admitted it was a miracle. Steve was in rehabilitation for his arm for a year before he could use it at all. After several years he gained about 75% use of his arm and started playing and singing again in church but didn’t pursue his Musical career until after he retired around the age of 55.

Besides playing his Trumpet and singing on stage Steve loves to write and sing 3 different genres. While managing another very accomplished Artist, Singer/Songwriter Roy Rivers, Steve sent in an audition CD of one of his New songs he had written and recorded and was awarded a Recording Contract.

Since then he has been seen on TV and heard on over 600 radio stations in 27 countries. Steve hit #15 on the Country Charts in France in 2015. Steve has played in Branson, MO and several other stages across the US and has made several tours overseas and performed concerts in Manila, Philippines and several other cities raising funds to feed the less fortunate children.

Steve loves to minister to the less fortunate in Music as well as spiritual. He is well versed in Biblical teachings and loves to teach others. So you may find him on a country Music Stage or in a Church sharing the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ.
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